The Lottery Results Network

In its Beta launch, the Lottery Results Network is publishing the winning numbers from almost 500 individual lottery games, from over 60 lottery providers!

What tools & services do you provide?

At launch we offer everyone the chance to become members of the Lottery Results Network, and receive by email, free charge, the results each draw of lottery of your choice.

On top of this we have details of how to play each game, plus a brief history and overview of all the lottery providers of USA, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand.

What more is to come?

Not long after launch the Lottery Results Network will switch out Beta phase, and launch the most comprehensive, best-of-breed suite of lottery and services available.

What more is to come?

The Lottery Results Network is subsidiary of Jumbo Interactive, a company based in Brisbane, Australia, and listed on Stock Exchanges in Australia, Berlin, Stuttgart and Frankfurt. Jumbo Interactive is also an online wholesales and retailer of lottery games, plus it is a leading distributor and publisher of business software.